CD Giveaway Competition!

by ADMIN on June 30, 2013

A.S.A. Webprogramming, who are responsible for my beautiful, super functional and stylish website, are big fans of the “Martial Arts & Magic Tricks” album and are now sponsoring a CD giveaway competition!

Needless to say, I am thrilled to announce that 20 – that’s right, TWENTY of you peeps will be receiving a copy of my CD absolutely FREE in your mailbox – wherever you are in the world!!

All you have to do is simply comment on my YouTube video below. Carefully read the instructions under the video frame, and looking forward to seeing all your comments! :)

Steps are dead easy to follow:

1. Go to the video page at

2. Comment on the video and make sure that your comment is followed by the #competition hashtag. For example, if your comment is “Great video, I love it!”, you want to type in:

Great video, I love it! #competition

3. Click Post, and your comment is live.

4. Subscribe to the channel to make sure we can message you. You will then be contacted directly in your youtube inbox so that your FREE “Martial Arts & Magic Tricks” CD is posted to your home address.

Good luck!!!

The competition closes as soon as the first 20 people comment with the #competition hashtag.

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