Julius Caesar and the G(r)eek

2012 momentsby ADMIN on January 1, 2013

Been getting lots of early good vibes for 2013, so finally it’s arrived and wishing you all the best for it!! 😀

Happy to say that 2012 has been yet another year full of cool shows, making music, joining new bands, working with great artists and learning new and exciting things! Played sold out shows with Europe’s AC DC all girl tribute Back:N:Black, currently performing with the uber talented electrofunkpopdubpunk Red N Pink and acting and playing guitar at London’s West End Julius Caesar play. Let me share some more about this last one.

Other than that there would be a live band on stage, I knew little about the play when I first auditioned in September and was really curious about the production, as it all sounded very exciting and I’d never done acting in my life before. I was confident about my playing but acting was something I really improvised on the day. I auditioned right in front of Phyllida Lloyd (known for her work on the award-winning films Mamma Mia! and The Iron Lady), where I played on my EVH Charvel, performed the script lines I was given and got the part straight away – felt so excited and proud at the same time, couldn’t believe it really!

There was hard work to follow starting from the 15th October: 6 weeks of up to 12 hours of daily rehearsals with the full cast (some of the best known actresses in the country), working with the MD and jamming with the band (drums, bass and saxophone) to compose the music for the scenes and doing extra homework myself on Shakespeare to understand the language –  oh yes, like a nerd. Except for the phenomenal director, also on board were a vocal coach, movement director, stage fight director, visiting writers and playwrights and the company technical team dealing with costumes, props and general gear. All rehearsals were at the BBC studios at White City and moved to the theatre space 3 days before the first performance, very exciting indeed as the play is set in a women’s prison, so the stage had been all transformed to look grungy and dark. The first few shows all went great, everyone was vibing and all the hard work really paid off at the press night – all amazing reviews AND an after party with gallons of drinks.

Except for my brilliant acting.. Do expect lots of thrashy rock, lead soloing, there’s also a nice blues tune and I’m playing a bit of keys too. But there’s more surprises that will occassionally make you feel like you’re in a metal gig.. can’t say much more, so come down and check it out, play’s on until 9th February 2013, so hope to see you there :)

“The use of heavy-metal music to evoke military conflict is excellent”  Guardian

“Wailing rock guitars”  The Stage

“Performers launch into thrashy rock music”  Evening Standard

“The production starts with heavy rock music and by the end has very appropriately descended into the anarchic chaos of thrash metal, played by a quartet of the actresses.” British Theatre Guide

“Fuck yeah, Shakespeare meets Black Sabbath”  Webcowgirl        *hehe*

Come to think of it, it’s been a mental last few months with 8 performances every week at the theatre, final album mixing with James Richmond in the studio and ready for the mastering next week at Metropolis Studios YEAH! Official album artwork is also done, courtesy of Marc Griggs and finally, I am extremely proud to have guitar masters like Phil Hilborne, Dave Kilminster and Justin Sandercoe guesting on my album. Soooo looking forward to the final product and sharing it with you fellow nerdoids, much geeky love ♥♥ 😀

P.S. What toys did everyone get for Christmas? I got a Wes Montgomery book and a ukulele, been playing it quite a bit and even got some time to make a little vid the other night 😀



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