Namm 2014: Days 0, 1 & 2

by ADMIN on February 6, 2014

Can’t believe it’s February already, feeling bad that I didn’t have any time to update my blog earlier so happy belated new year to you all!! Hope life is treating you well and that you got loads of guitar gear for your Christmas presents! Oh and let me thank you all for getting my album Christmas bundle, you made December an even happier month for me :)

XVive Audio BoothJanuary was an extremely busy month for me as I had a masterclass back home at Modern Music School Ioannina, had to learn around 50 tunes for an upcoming artist tour I’ll be working with and most importantly… was getting ready for the Namm Show 2014!! I flew to LA straight from Athens on the 21st of January, so I ended up eating 5-6 times, watching 3 films and listening to 4 albums during the entire journey. Arrived in LA in the evening of 22nd, settled down in my cute hotel room and next day was Namm day. Wednesday is closed to the public as all the companies/manufacturers are setting up their booths, but as I had a demonstrator pass I was allowed in with my guitar woo hoo! I met my new endorsers XVive Technology Tom Mondaand had a play through their new line of pedals that I would be demonstrating at their booth during the show. Was well chuffed to see a huge banner of the pedals with myself in it! Great, compact pedals – my two top favourites were the Lemon Squeezer compressor and the V-5 delay. Also got to finally meet Kris Claerhout in person and bumped into DJ Scully from Vigier Guitars, who then got me to the booth and introduced me to Tom Monda – had a quick jam, God this guy is a sick player!

On Wednesday evening, I finally met Rodney from BMP Promotions who was too kind to drive me and Cameron to the OHM gig featuring Chris Poland at the Baked Potato (see photos below). There I also met Nili Brosh, one of the coolest and funniest people I’ve ever met let alone a killer guitarist – had so much fun and felt like I knew her for years already! Also tried some IPA (Indian Pale Ale) for the first time, nice one LA 😉 Gig was awesome, a real power trio and an impressive (also huge) guitar rig by Chris right in front of us.

  IMG_0893 IMG_0895IMG_0897






Thursday morning was my first day demonstrating at the XVive booth and went awesome! I was a little nervous in the beginning as it was 11am and my fingers really didn’t feel ready but all went great in the end. The company crew were kind enough to buy me Chinese for lunch which actually makes me hungry now that I remember it! Delicious. In between demoing, I stopped by the Rotosound booth (where I would perform the following day) and said hi to the lovely people there and that was about it for the first day really – more demoing at XVive in the afternoon and then off to the BMP dinner night


This one was a total success, hung out with Cameron Allen, Brian Larkin, Rob Balducci and met some new super cool people like Bill Lonero, Marco Bicca, Anouck Andre and Stefano Xotta! I love you all :)

Not to mention hanging out with Guthrie Govan and Bryan Beller at the bar afterwards, can’t believe how much fun I had – these guys are real comedians!!

IMG_0919 IMG_0920By the way, for anyone who hasn’t been at Namm and it’s their first time, it’s quite a challenge to juggle a lot of things at the same time as it always feels manic and overwhelming. I have to say, day 2 felt a lot more relaxing though. Did my morning performance at Rotosound, also did a quick demo of a couple of new Rotosound pedals for Premier Guitar – really exciting! Warm sounding and vintage looking, especially loved the Rotosound King Henry Phaser and of course the 1960s Fuzz re-issue, the latter was also used by Jimmy Page back in the day.

Laurie female shoot


Just before the end of Day 2, we gathered for a group photo of female guitarists from around the world (including Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Julia Kosterova, Anouck Andre and more) organised by the shred guru Laurie Monk! So happy to finally meet Laurie in person, what a legend.


Which takes us to Friday night, a gig I’d been waiting for a long time – Maragold headlining the DV Mark World All Star event at Marriott next to the Convention Center!!! Also on the same stage were Snarky Puppy – so gutted I missed them :( Andy James, Marco Sfogli (love this guy’s playing!), Jeff Berlin and Frank Gambale. Was there for the whole night with some good people including Laurie Monk, Nili Brosh, Rodney and Julie Cord, also got to meet Gretchen Menn!!! 😀

IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0960 IMG_0954Marco & Nili

Stay tuned for Namm blog pt.2 for the last two days of the show, until then… Stay K!

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