New pedals!

by ADMIN on February 7, 2014

Quick post for all of you asking about my current pedalboard – here’s a photo I took today, including the very latest addition to the family: Strymon Timeline – the ultimate delay pedal!


Chain goes as follows:


–> XVive Tuner

–> Boss NS-2:

  • SEND to SP Compressor –> Crybaby 95Q –> Xotic BB MB Preamp –> JAM Rattler+ –> Ibanez TS-808 –> RETURN
  • OUT to Xotic EP Booster

–> Analogman Standard Stereo Chorus

–> MXR Custom Phase 90

–> Strymon Timeline

–> Amp


How I use them

I alternate between BB MB or TS-808 for a bite on my clean tone, and for my main lead tone I use the Rattler+ with BB MB – sounds deadly!! I can’t believe how good the Rattler+ is, took me years to find the distortion pedal I always wanted and I’m so happy I found it.

I often combine the BB MB with the TS-808 for a crunchy tone, and of course use the EP for boosting solos or lead melodies. The 95Q sounds immense, love the boost option (red knob on the bottom right side of it, though you probably can’t see it in the photo) and the way it makes my exit notes sing.

As for the SP compressor, I use the low setting (also has medium and high mode) and mix around 40% of compressed signal and 60% of the original, while the NS-2 nicely takes care of all the noise from the overdrive pedals, compressor and wah.

Analogman is a dreamy sounding chorus and as I’ve said before in the relevant demo video, it’s hands down the best chorus pedal I’ve played – it ain’t leaving my pedalboard any time soon!

MXR Custom 90 sounds amazing for a clean funk rhythm tone and adds this dark grit to heavy riffs that I absolutely adore.

Finally, the Timeline has just about everything you would ever want in a delay pedal – 12 delay machines, tap tempo, 100 banks that store 2 patches each (total of 2oo presets), modulation effects.. you name it. Only had time to go through the presets so far and they are wonderful, will get on to programming my patches next.

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