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Published on 30/09/2017 under Blog



I am very excited to be sharing my new website with all of you! It's been a long process, everything has been re-designed for quicker access and most importantly there is a dedicated space for guitarists.


I proudly present you the Guitar Room, featuring 4 sections:

Free licks - all material available for free download, including licks, short lessons, transcriptions

Live4guitar - full lessons including song transcriptions and soloing material available for purchase

Coffee Break Grooves - full lessons featuring professionally recorded backing tracks available for purchase

Book a lesson - get in touch if you want a personalised webcam lesson, so we can focus on your areas of interest


You can also listen to my first album Martial Arts & Magic Tricks on Spotify on the Music page using the embedded player, and check out all types of cool promo and live shots & videos on the Gallery page.


Keep in touch!

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