In the studio - Live recording videos

Published on 08/11/2017 under Blog

The last 3 weeks have been amazing and I've had a ton of fun recording the rhythm section and rhythm guitars for album no.2 at MD Recording Studios! Aside from putting in a lot of good work, we had such a laugh during those sessions, really good chemistry with everyone. Drums and bass were just incredibly tight and with a huge sound, both Mike & Kostis really took my songs to the next level. Rhythm guitars were recorded in the last two days and honestly, I cannot thank Orange enough for providing me with a tonemaster of an amp for studio recording - my trusty Rockerverb MKII, which has the best distortion channel I have ever played in an amp. As a result, all overdriven guitars were recorded with my Tele Deluxe straight into the amp and most of the clean guitar parts by rolling off the volume knob on the same channel.

So hey, here's us doing our thing and hopefully you'll enjoy and stick with us for the rest of the album making! :)





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