Pre-Namm Show 2018 Audioworks Tremmatic video

Published on 06/01/2018 under Blog

Well hello!! Happy New Year with a new video doing my thing with the TsakalisAudioworks Tremmatic. Fantastic analog tremolo pedal, both sine and square features sound amazing. Plus you have a huge range for the speed control, what a high!! For more beautiful demos by some real great players, check out

BETTER YET treat yourself and come hang out with us at the NAMM Show! We are a bunch of serious professionals, insane dudes really.. Nikos Arvanitis, Charalampos 'Babis' Tyropoulos, Chris Zantioti, and of course Chris Tsakalis. Ready for a ton of fun showcasing the entire Audioworks line, playing some original tunes, jamming and getting to know you!






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