She-e choose dye - Riffs (video & free tab)

Published on 18/05/2018 under Free licks

This is the weirdest track on the record in my opinion, and features a wicked slide solo by the incredible Babis Tyropoulos in the second part of the tune. The first part is quite punchy, was trying to go for a Queens of the Stone Age kind of tone here. 

In the studio, I rolled off the tone volume and used the treble pickup with the Tsakalis Audioworks Riff Raff hot channel. For this video, my student Giannis let me borrow his absolutely sick fuzz pedal, the Hellbender! This is a boutique effect by Deep Trip and it really sounds dirty as hell!!

Went for the full lows and fuzz drive in this one, straight into my Orange Rockerverb clean channel with all EQ knobs at 5 o'clock. Groovy! :)


Download the tab below:

05 - She-e choose dye riffs.pdf


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