Snake eyes - Chorus lead (video & free tab)

Published on 21/05/2018 under Free licks

Free lick no. 6 is taken from the chorus of "Snake Eyes", the longest track on the record - a little over 7 minutes long!

This is the first track I wrote when I was collecting ideas for the second album, and it's one of those that takes you different places. While jamming it, it kept taking me to different harmonies and styles. The journey starts with a Richie Kotzen style riff into a Stratus like verse, into a progressive metal bridge, into a Vai like solo and back into verse & outro riff! Too epic.

The lick itself is the chorus lead melody and features some second interval phrasing, a couple of Eddie Van Halen harmonic taps, and my favourite Satch flavoured stretch pentatonics. Shred this and have fun!


Download the tab below:

06 - Snake eyes chorus lead.pdf


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