The Pill - Official Music Video out now!

Published on 24/09/2018 under Blog

First official music video for my album "A Sky For All" is out now! As you can see, it's a beautiful animated video created by Tony Huber, and I am so proud of it!

I've never actually made a proper music video - my first record was not so much based on a concept, but with this second album being so personal and storytelling, I was craving to make something cool and powerful. I can't thank Nick Basis enough for getting me in touch with Tony, after I saw one of his awesome videos for his own Broken Blue Band project.

Fun fact about "The Pill": the opening riff of the track dates back to my uni days at the ICMP London - The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, when I was arranging "I shot the sheriff" in a Rage Against the Machine style as part of our Ensemble Skills class on my last year. This was probably one of my fonderst memories of that time, with me wailing on the whammy pedal as of course I had to add a Tom Morello vibe to my crazy remake of this classic Bob Marley tune :D I so wish I had a video of this, but I still remember Bruce Game killing it with his vocal performance and one of my favourite teachers, Iain Scott almost headbanging while scribbling on my mark sheet :)

So here it is, "The Pill" official music video in full HD and me looking forward to hearing your comments!! Enjoy and please share and spread the music <3

And if you really really reeeeally enjoy it, your CD is waiting for you here :)







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