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by ADMIN on February 25, 2013

Guess what, I’m writing this one on the train to Manchester while listening to Keith Urban – getting in the spirit for Colm Kirwan’s tour in Scotland next week! Colm is a country/pop Nashville based singer songwriter. He released his album and toured in the States earlier this year and is now doing a tour in Scotland, so I’m pleased to be the guitarist and backing vocalist for his session band.  Gig schedule is as follows

February 2013

28    Eden Court Theatre, Inverness    www.eden-court.co.uk

March 2013

1       Music Hall, Aberdeen                     www.boxofficeaberdeen.com

2      Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow             www.paviliontheatre.co.uk

3      Whitehall Theatre, Dundee            www.whitehalltheatre.com


So basically we’ll be driving all round Scotland, exciting stuff. I’ve been to Edinburgh before and it was beautiful, so really looking forward to travelling round the rest of the country. Currently experiencing one of the coldest February months in the UK ever, so honestly can’t imagine how cold it’ll be up in Aberdeen! Very excited as I’m on my way up north, really love playing with songwriters as it’s a completely different type of gig in the sense that I get to be more laid back and groove with the band – rather than thinking about Lydian or Phrygian dominant. Plus I get to play my beloved Strat, which I have kind of neglected lately! Massive shout out to my mate Levi Clay enough for saving my @#$% once again by lending me his Morpheus droptune pedal which I’ll use for a couple of songs that are in Eb tuning.  Should be a cool bunch of gigs, will post some videos soon :)

So 9th of February was the last performance day of Julius Caesar West End play, which ended with the two most passionate shows ever as everyone was pumped up and emotional after having spent 4 months together. I made some great new friends along the way, performed 76 shows in total, learned so many new things and got to chat and get complimented by quite a few celebrities who attended – Fiona Shaw, Stanley Tucci, Trudie Styler and the definition of coolness himself Charles Dance to name a few.

Since then last couple of weeks have been all about learning tunes, jamming with Magic’s top 50, printing CDs and artwork – oh yeah did I tell you I finished my solo album and it’s being released officially in a few weeks? Yes, I did and will write a much more detailed blog about that soon as I have a live date from iTunes. I know you’ve all been very patient and amazingly supportive during this long journey, so the least I can do is give you a sneak preview of the album! I personally update my Reverbation profile with new tracks every few days, so go and have a listen, would love to hear your comments! :)

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