Summer gig diary

by ADMIN on October 2, 2012

Hey nerds!! :) Hope you all had a rocking summer, it sure was one of the most productive and fun ones for me – made significant progress with my solo album, did a couple of sold out gigs with Europe’s AC DC all girl tribute and joined a new hot band here in the UK… here it is, finally my long promised summer gig blog entry!

Playing on the same festival with ZZ Top was definitely the highlight of this summer, was so amazing to perform at the Casino stage straight after ZZ Top’s headline gig at Rock oz Arenes open air festival!! I couldn’t believe how tight these guys were and how captivating their stage presence was – only made me feel more excited and ready to rock! Great response from the crowd, amazing energy on stage as usual with the Back:N:Black chicks, loads of AC DC fans and even had a spot for a guitar solo… guess a bit of shred never hurts 😉 All that plus a radio interview for a Swiss station, cracking silly jokes with the girls and God… loads of food and drinks backstage and the cutest dressing room! [more photos]

I was happy to be back in Switzerland for my next gig with Back:N:Black at Verbier Bike Festival in September, and without a doubt this was one of my best stage times ever. I was well pumped up on the night and literally ripped the stage, was constantly jumping up and down like a psycho kid! Our drummer, Tina, had her birthday on the day, so after her drum solo, we surprised her on stage with a firework candle equipped cake and sang happy birthday to her (I did the ultra low nerdy harmony, no surprises here) – good times! During the weekend, we also got to catch co-headliners Eurosmith and Guns 2 Roses, as well as the Patronne Sexy girls – got to get some interesting photos with everyone backstage.        [more photos]

I also recently had the pleasure to join Red N Pink, one of the coolest electro pop/punk bands in the UK at the moment – do check these girls out, they are so charismatic and energetic on stage that it’s unreal! Had an amazing first double gig with them at Strawberry Fields Festival, played both at the Vintage Acoustic Lounge and the Strawberry Jam Stage – great vocal harmonies and rapping,  sexy keyboard sounds and a killer rhythm section featuring Samer Sharawi, one of the best session bass players in the country and a very good mate. Plus got the chance to play my EVH style painted Charvel and use the Suhr Riot distortion pedal for some gritty rock riffs!

Stay tuned for our 21st October Oxjam gig in Shoreditch, as well as a gig at the Luxe Spitafields on the 26th of the same month, looking forward to adding a couple of new Red N Pink tunes to the set! :) x

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