The Wall live – Stop: Athens

by ADMIN on August 10, 2013


Had been waiting to catch this gig for ages… the time came last Thursday the 31st with Roger’s show at the Olympic Stadium in Athens and the show was just mindblowing! Having listened to the Wall on my dad’s cassette back when I was still a kid, I obviously knew what to expect musically… but it was so much more than just that.

Roger came on stage and 35,000 people in the audience went mental. In his black outfit with white trainers, he raised his hands in the air and without even having said one single word yet you could feel his energy as if he was standing right next to you. Definitely one of the most powerful figures I’ve ever seen!

The band went on to deliver a powerful and emotive show, I literally caught myself tearing up a number of times. The fireworks, the schoolmaster puppet with his stick, the messages and images on the wall, Roger singing in his lonely room through the wall, all served as part of telling the album story  and it was the first time that I felt the lyrics and music go right through my bones really, just gave me the chills! Roger also spoke in Greek with a great accent and not just a couple of words, I mean proper long sentences and for a long time. He was truly sympathetic about the political and financial situation in Greece and even had Greek messages against the government written on the wall. “Hey you” along with “Comfortably Numb” were for me the highlights, and obviously from a guitarist’s point of view I couldn’t be happier… both Dave Kilminster and Snowy White played their heart out.

Some more photos from the gig:

I also had the pleasure of being shown around backstage by Dave before the show. I was cheeky enough to keep my hospitality sticker to put on my Strat afterwards 😀

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